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We have a great community here at ExtremePCUK. There is always a member of the crew online & if your looking for some casual Gaming or people to hang out with feel free to join!

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Come join us in the chat on our Twitch channel. We stream daily and cover all the games on our podcast plus more. We have a score board for viewing time so jump in and claim some free merch.

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We record a monthly podcast on iTunes & Android platforms where we talk about all the latest games and hardware. If you would like to get a question on the pod head over to our contacts page.

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Welcome to ExtremePCUK. Here we dont just build custom PC's, we customize the PC for you. We live and breathe unique gaming PC's and are passionate about making your vision become a reality. We run a PC modding company where we like to take each build to the pinnacle of what it can be. We have built machines for the likes of HP, Asus & Custom PC Magazine with the list ever growing. If you need any kind of work carried out just hit the contact us page at the top of the screen and we will get your dream machine made a reality. We have a thriving gaming community where there are always people to help. To get involved just go to the Discord and Twitch button's above and join! We record a monthly podcast where we review and talk about the latest games & hardware. Our podcast can be found here on our site or from any iTunes, Spotify & Android apps. See buttons above for more info.


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Nik Taylor


We cannot be held responsible for any potential loss of data during a computer repair. Regular back-ups are a part of responsible computer ownership, and should be undertaken by you prior to bringing the computer in for repair. We do offer a data back-up service, but cannot guarantee that all data is copied, particularly in the case of virus infected computers or computers with pre-existing hard drive damage.

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