ExtremePCUK Steam Group

To get into this group all you need to do is click on the Steam logo above. In this group feel free to talk about your best games and feel free to tell the group about what your playing at the moment and what you would like to get the group involved in playing together. We often run servers for a lot of games so let us know if you want to get involved with our games and we can always try getting popular servers or a in game team together. We are always open to suggestions or friendly competitions if you have an idea.

Live Stream – Twitch

We regularly stream live games that we are playing in the community or reviewing on the Podcast. To see what we are playing all you have to do is click the Twitch button to the left and that will open a new window of the Live gameplay. Please help support us by giving us a follow as this will also send you a e-mail when we go live so you know when were on!!!

Click Discord for FREE invite.

We have our own Discord for everyone to feel free to use. To get on just install Discord for free by clicking the address above.

Please be advised that this Discord is for people aged 18+.

ExtremePCUK  Monthly Podcast

We do a monthly podcast about all the latest games we have been playing, news and reviews. We also share our views on anything pc from software to hardware. If you have a game that you feel you would like us to talk about or get on the show as a guest just get into a game with us and we can take it from there. If you would like to help us get up the ratings please give us a iTunes review by clicking on the Podcast image above and submitting a review. Thanks Enjoy!!!

You can also give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter to see all the latest projects and photos of my builds.