ExtremePCUK Stream Team Application

Would you like to be part of the ExtremePCUK Stream Team, if so please fill in your details below and we will get back to you shortly.

There are some rules to being part of out team but theres also some great benifits too!


ExtremePCUK Stream Team title on your Twitch channel.

Every time you go live you will be promoted to our community Discord with over 750 members.

You will be seen live on the teams Twitch page whenever live.

Gain exposure from fellow team members to help grow viewship.

When live you will be put into a special role on our Discord at the top of the list

When live the teams page will be live on our website too.

If you raid other team members they will raid you back.

Team members will be first in line for events


Please take a look,  if you feel this is the place for you fill in the application and click the submit button below.